Australian Artist - Marjorie Lord

Artist Marjorie is an Australian Artist based in beautiful Flaxton on the Blackall ranges of Queensland.

Welcome and thank you for visiting my online creative photo art portfolio. Throughout my entire life, I have always been involved in some form of art. I love to create and as a result, a visual arts project has never been far away from me.

As a conceptual Artist & Photo Artist in mixed media both digital and fine art. My aim is to gather and collect stories from my own experience and people and places that inspire me and then re-create these stories in my own interpretation and fictional narrative re-telling through illustration. My artistic interests lie in capturing the quirkier, more melancholy, edges of life, ideas and subject matter but I am not always limited to this line of thinking. I try to find the beauty of things in a new way, e.g. Finding the beauty of line, shape, form and texture of dried dead wilted flowers as opposed to a fresh bunch of flowers.

I am hoping that when you view you my photo artwork we are having an interesting visual conversation together.

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