Wilted Rose Project

The Wilted Rose Project - Interviews and Insights from Women over 50

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Why 'Wilted Rose' as a title. It is simply a figure of speech, a metaphor to describe the human life cycle of time and change.
There is great beauty in the changing formations of a wilted flower. I often keep wilting flowers in vases for months as I love how their shape evolves and continues to change with time. New beauty evolves.   I also connect the human ageing process, albeit 'life' or a 'wilted flower'  as a representation of the gathering of great wisdom and knowledge on life matters.

A wilted rose is not something to be discarded or thought of as lesser, for it's evolving beauty stands the test of time.

'Wilted Roses' is an Art passion project I am creating. I am in the process of putting together a photo artistic illustrated book called ‘Wilted Roses’.
I have gathered questions from women under 50 years old and have presented these questions to the older women over 50.
I aim to gather many interviews from the older women, and from this gathering, I will put together an eclectic mix of the most inspiring or thought-provoking answers.
There are some fantastic questions and insightful answers to date, along with a little bit of trivia fun.  I have now interviewed some thirty women ranging from 95 years old to 50.
If you would like to be part of this project or find out more about it, contact me here.