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Self-publishing – my 3 tips

I thought I would share a small part of my journey into self-publishing my first book in March 2022. Girl Woman Matriarch: Wisdom Love Connection. Firstly I am an artist ( photo artist) and wanted to create a book that I could illustrate but it would have a bigger purpose and serve people in some way. ***The synopsis will explain what it is about. Girl Woman Matriarch: Wisdom Love Connection has been a 3 year project. Non-fiction – I lost a year floundering and not knowing where to step or go to, in order to keep the book moving along. I reached out to an author / publisher after attending their promotion / talk book launch and who also offered consulting services. I spoke to the person who said “Yes you can make an appointment” etc but when I contacted this person and explained what I was doing and needed help with being pointed in the right direction as I knew nothing of how to go about getting everything into a physical state. I received a reply email back which basically said one line, Good luck. ‘ Google’ it. ******OMG! What!? How do you google what you don’t know? I felt a bit deflated at the time from that response. It is another story on how I actually worked out I needed to find a structural editor.

If I was asked this question by someone my response would be; these are the three key things to consider and point you in the right direction.

1. Don’t worry about creating a book design. Get your manuscript into a word document format. Design is the last thing to worry about.

2. Do find yourself a very good structural editor to edit the manuscript. My structural editor was incredible and she really got me sorted. Not only that she said “Marjorie you need to do this, this and that’. She pointed me in the right direction and has been invaluable on my journey. The money I paid her was worth every cent. After manuscript is completely edited then onto the graphic artist.

3. If your book is to be illustrated find yourself a good graphic designer that will not take over and who will listen to your vision. I worked very closely with my graphic designer every step of the way. She designed the text and image placements but I decided which images went where. All the imagery in the book is my art bar a few of my father’s photos. It is very interesting to note – my structural editor picked up on some gutter design issues which would occur when going to print, she was spot on! Although the book looked amazing in PDF format, it was going to face issues when printed. I would have been so disappointed if I had not listened to her.

My journey of self-publishing has been a very interesting, frustrating, joyous, and proud one to say the least.


In an age where many young women have lost connection with the wisdom of their elders, Girl Woman Matriarch: Wisdom Love Connection offers inspiration and insight, showing them they are not alone on their path to womanhood, that they are loved and supported through the wisdom and understanding of the Matriarchs.

Girl Woman Matriarch: Wisdom Love Connection is a compilation of answers to questions asked by younger women to those over fifty years of age. It touches on light-hearted thoughts, proud moments, and hard life questions, including the tougher stuff people generally avoid but should talk about in order to lead better connected lives. The Matriarchs, aged between fifty-three and ninety-seven, share their hindsight, knowledge and worldly experiences, good and bad, to help younger women navigate their life path more positively, with love and with more meaningful connections. Their answers highlight that all women throughout the generations go through similar experiences of concern, dread, hope and wishfulness.

The Matriarchs are the change; young women will be the new change with insight, comradeship, wisdom, love and connection.