Creative Sessions



I am an Artist.

I specialise in creating unique pieces of Photo-composite art with everyday people. Together we discover and express inner power through creative communication. I’m looking for people who are willing to discover the artistic rebel within and be part of this journey with me in creating an authentic and powerful visual story.



Your Experience

You are invited to apply for an amazing and personal journey of creative self-expression. You will be professionally assisted and safely guided throughout the whole experience. This ensures a fulfilling, adventurous and safe space where you can truly explore and push your creative limits.

Why Should You Do This?

To explore a new and exciting life experience, where you can discover your inner creative self. To allow your unrestrained wild person to come forth and be fully expressed. To create a unique one of a kind art piece, a legacy of which you will be part of.

What‘s Involved?

These are creative portrait sessions to build a powerful pictorial narrative that you will be part of. Your styling could range from unfashionably quirky clothing and hairstyling, special effects make-up, getting dirty and whatever is required to help express and strengthen emotions. The editing process may contain composited imagery, distort reality, post process and change your appearance to emphasise the story. Creative sessions will be at my studio or an agreed site location.


The Plan

Meeting over coffee, we will spend time before our session to get to know one another. Through questions and conversation we delve into your personality, curiosities, what is meaningful to you, memories you hold on to, what brings you joy, love and passion to your life. Inspired by your answers the creative concept is explored. Once agreed, all models will be required to complete a model release form.

The Exchange

In return for your time, testimonial and interview on your experience you will receive:

Complimentary 3-4 hour creative session.

3 Artist choice, professionally edited, Fine Art printed portrait images of you.
(image size, shortest edge minimum of eight inches).

3 Duplicate digital high-resolution JPGs of the above prints for personal, portfolio and press related usage.

3 Duplicate low-resolution images for social media use with my logo.

In the event, your image is included in a Limited Edition series you will receive a generous artist discount on that Fine Art Print.



Prior to discovering my passion for Photo and Digital Artistry. I have worked in our family business as a bookkeeper and mother to four sons for 32 years. Throughout my entire life I have always been involved with some form of art. I love to create and as a result a visual arts project has never been far away from me. Now that all the children are finally well balanced adults leading their own lives, I am now fully able to embrace my inner creative self, to explore my conceptual art ideas with the use of a camera, scanner, and digital editing tools.  I simply love to create images with stories.

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