Conversation Cushions

The Discarded – Rotten Apples


Conversation starter: What is this conceptual artwork about? Is it worth discussing? 

The Discarded. Rotten Apples.
This conceptual narrative has developed from real stories told to me and part of a body of work called ‘The Discarded’. The still life tells the story of the alarming growth of child neglect, families willing or unwilling to choose drugs over their children’s welfare. I have friends and people I know and I often meet acquaintances who are sadly touched in some way by this increasing situation. There are heartbreaking stories of child neglect, and although this artwork is confronting, I hope it gets people thinking and talking about our children in need.
The koala (representing children) is torn, ragged, and unkept like a neglected child —a broken child.
The rotting fruit is symbolic of hunger. Children who are rarely fed and often starving as food money has gone to drugs.
The eaten apple core symbolizes ‘a child is in the house.’
The ornate but highly tarnished Sterling Silver teapot & platter symbolize the wealthy industry of drugs but exemplifies the ugly and dirty industry it is.
The platter serves up despair, poverty, atrocities, and suffering.
The cobwebs symbolic of being forgotten.
The needles represent the obvious…

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Square Pillow
Pillow Size
• Printed on a fabric which is a combination of 80% polyester and 20% cotton. The 8:2 usage of polyester and cotton ensures that the fabric sustains in its original state for years with you.
• Beautifully crafted made for maximum durability and quality with original designs on front and back
• The Bespoke Art pillow comes with a Polyester / Polyfill insert to makeover your space instantly.
• Product Care: Keep out of Direct Sunlight.
• Unzip & Gentle Wash when needed.

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