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Girl Woman Matriarch: Wisdom Love Connection

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In an age where many young women have lost connection with the wisdom of their elders, Girl Woman Matriarch: Wisdom Love Connection offers inspiration and insight, showing them they are not alone on their path to womanhood, that they are loved and supported through the wisdom and understanding of the Matriarchs.

Girl Woman Matriarch: Wisdom Love Connection is a compilation of answers to questions asked by younger women to those over fifty years of age. It touches on light-hearted thoughts, proud moments, and hard life questions, including the tougher stuff people generally avoid but should talk about in order to lead better connected lives. The Matriarchs, aged between fifty-three and ninety-seven, share their hindsight, knowledge and worldly experiences, good and bad, to help younger women navigate their life path more positively, with love and with more meaningful connections. Their answers highlight that all women throughout the generations go through similar experiences of concern, dread, hope and wishfulness.

The Matriarchs are the change; young women will be the new change with insight, comradeship, wisdom, love and connection.

Dedicated to all women searching for wisdom, love and connection in their life.


Formerly the Wilted Rose Project: Why 'Wilted Rose' as a title you ask?

It is simply a starting point and a figure of speech, a metaphor to describe the human life cycle of time and change.

There is great beauty in the changing formations of a wilted flower. I often keep wilting flowers in vases for months as I love how their shape evolves and continues to change with time. New beauty evolves.

I also connect the human ageing process, albeit 'life' or a 'wilted flower'  as a representation of the gathering of great wisdom and knowledge on life matters.

A wilted rose is not something to be discarded or thought of as lesser, for it's evolving beauty stands the test of time.