Consumer Use Policy

Digital Backgrounds, Brushes and Texture Sets


Marjorie Lord Artist has created this digital file that you have purchased. Copyright © 2020-2021. All rights reserved.

This digital file is available as an instant download after completing your purchase. Because the files are a digital product, I do not offer returns on purchases. Upon download, please create a backup of your purchase immediately to an external drive off your computer. If you lose data due to a failing drive, I do not assume responsibility. Please back up your purchase for safekeeping.

These products within your bundle can be used for personal and small commercial purposes with unlimited numbers of projects.

Your end products must not be used or sold in a directly competitive way with the original item you are purchasing here.

You cannot sublicense, resell, share, transfer, or otherwise redistribute this product on its own. You cannot share these resources with others.


You have purchased a  Standard Commercial License

No, you have not purchased exclusive commercial rights to the product. Others can buy and create similar products using the purchased sets.

No, you cannot resell my products or share them with 3rd parties.

This License is not transferable and not refundable.

Yes, you can create end products for sale, but these must not exceed 250 units.

 Yes, you can embed these graphics into your artwork or photographic work that you will print or sell.

Yes, you change, cut out, re-arrange the graphics to your liking and embed into your artwork to print or sell. E.g. Posters, tea towels, magnets, cards, t-shirts, pillows, cups, mugs etc., not exceeding 250 units.

No, you cannot print out or sell these graphics in an AS IS basis or in digital form and claim them as your own.

Yes, You can sell your end products as digital items using the purchased products **BUT** they must be embedded, incorporated with other photography, textures, backgrounds etc., and blended significantly, changing and forming a whole new image and concept. A good rule of thumb would be that no more than 45% of the original item purchased should be visible as a stand-alone image.

No, you cannot create new textures, brushes, backgrounds, etc. Using my stock and selling digitally as your textures and backgrounds. The artwork you buy from me must be embedded and incorporated with other artwork to create end products that are significantly different than the original item purchased.

Extended Licence

For more than 250 units, a high volume commercial License will need to be purchased, requiring a written contract. Please contact me to discuss this.

Extra Information

You will need to Unzip your downloadable files to access the content.

If you have any trouble downloading the files, please contact me via my website's contact form. I will respond in Australian business hours Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

Thank you for purchasing my bundles. I hope you are feeling creatively inspired.