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Sifar – Nothingness

A sense of nothingness.

An artificial lake built to sustain life has also unintentionally killed life, leaving a sense of nothingness. The skeleton of dead trees, their void, creatively muses my mind to explore the inner felt meaning of Sifar. Once a thriving ecosystem born and nurtured by mother nature from nothing, returns to mother earth as nothing? Reaching Sifar will it mean your freedom?

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Daisy Dreams Video -A Story of Love

Daisy Dreams – The Story My idea was about the struggles of loves lost through war, and long distances etc. I was particularly thinking about the struggles of our parents generations when religion and judgement of out of wedlock children were so shameful. So the words were meant to represent a common phrase said to a woman left waiting & waiting in hope.
Words read “If we should meet tomorrow or in a month or a few years time I will”
So with the Vietnam war in mind where many women took on the role of wife, had babies with the promise “I will….” but the promise mostly never happened.
The man in the window is meant to represent loneliness and isolation and looking out and wondering .
A daisies meaning is innocence & purity, symbolizing motherhood and childbirth.

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Night Sky

Have you looked up into the night sky recently and talked to the stars?

I ventured out with my husband ( the cook and driver) to capture the amazing Granite boulders as they appeared to be reaching up into the night sky to talk to the dazzling array of stars. It was such an amazing night ever so still with only a slight hint of a chilly winter breeze undulating through the rock formations. This serene moment was however overpowered with biting bugs when the torch was lit so I could see my camera buttons. My wide angle Fujifilm 10-24mm Fujinon lens with f/4 aperture lens was not really fast enough to do Milky Way photography , but it was all I had to hand so I made the most it and went about capturing the dazzling evening stars.  On a side note I really love the Fujifilm 10 – 24mm it is probably my favourite one.

I love the boulders of the Mount Isa Region , very strong yet sensual!!! Hmm if a rock could be sensual- well I think they are , there is something quite delicious about them. 
I was amazed considering how incredibly still the night was at just how much dust covered all my equipment and me. I felt incredibly grimy by the end of the night after the shoot as I woke up my husband up who was snoring soundly away in his swag on the red desert sands. So at about 2 am in the morning we packed up camp, gathered Rusty Puggles and he drove us back home to what seemed another civilization. It was incredibly nice to enter into a piping hot shower after such a freezing cold dusty night and to feel clean and fresh once again. How nice it was to flop onto our warm bed falling sound asleep leaving the Stars and Boulders to their chatter.

This 2018 year when the Milky Way comes into season again around May to September, I will aim to travel out bush once again but this time with a much faster lens to capture these grand red boulders as they have their yearly conversation with the stars above, I do hope they allow me join in.