Hi there and welcome to my website, my name is Marjorie Lord I am a Photo Artist and I have been based in the remote semi arid city of Mount Isa in regional Queensland, Australia for over 35 years. In 2017 I made the massive move from far Western Queensland to East Queensland and moved to Flaxton on the Blackall Ranges. This area is also known as the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and a most beautiful wet part of Australia to live.
My love of the fine arts has been since early childhood and right throughout adult hood but it was not until  around mid 2014 when I first started using a camera to create Photo Art Imagery and then a whole wonderful new world opened up to explore.

I am creatively inspired everyday by the wonderful people I meet, the stories they share with me, my garden and travels, I aim to  be truly present to everything and everyone around me.



My artistic interests lies in capturing the quirkier, sometimes more melancholy,  edges of life, ideas and subject matte, I aim to  have  meaning when I create the artwork and use a significant amount of symbolism throughout.

I love seeing and finding the beauty in the darker aspects of life, but not limited to,  or quirkier subject matter and happenings around us. I like to engage my viewer into a visual thought provoking discussion on social matters,that as society can gloss over or simply just about life in general. My aim is to be creatively inspired everyday and I  love to share this creative inspiration with you.

As a Photo Artist - with a love of story telling in my  art photography it is my aim to gather and collect stories as I hear them and then create a pictorial narratives in a  symbolic way that gives the imagery a language uniquely it's own.


Why do I call myself a  Conceptual Narrative Photo Artist?
I do this because I do not feel I am a photographer per se but a combination of  both photographer, artist, narrator & illustrator. My imagery work is not about realism but the story of  reality and life retold in a fictional pictorial narrative . As a photo artist I go beyond the initial photo capture,  I will add in scanned elements, textures, words along with many over layed photographs which eventually will  all combine and become one piece of unique artwork with has  its own unique narrative.  My aim is to engage my viewer into a visual and thought provoking discussion on social matters, thoughts on general life matters and other fantasy ideas .

I like to think of myself as a visual storyteller and that my fictional narrative is striking up a conversation which can both challenge and or inspire you.




Prior to discovering my passion for Photo Artistry. I have worked in our family business as a bookkeeper and mother to four sons for 32 years. Throughout my entire life I have always been involved with some form of art. I love to create and as a result a visual arts project has never been far away from me. Now that all the children are finally well balanced adults leading their own lives, I am now fully able to embrace my inner creative self, to explore my conceptual art ideas with the use of a camera, scanner, and digital editing tools.  I simply love to create images that connect and tell you a story or two.


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