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The Wilted Rose Project

I am in the process of creating a book called ‘Wilted Roses’ and it will be a photo artistic coffee table book filled with wonderful questions from younger women up to 50 years old and then the reply is from women of wisdom and  insight our elder women over 50. It is a book about women for women.
It is by no means in any way shape or form about belittling men, a few strong elements that are coming from the interviews that I have been doing are:
Love & connection.
How can we be better partners.
How can we be better in life and to others.
I have had some marvelous insight from interviewing these brave women ranging from 50 – 95 years old.
My 34 year old daughter in law – whom I shared one of the interviews with said ” I can’t believe the 95 year old lady had the same concerns I am having now as a 34 year old, 61 years later we have the same concerns”