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Hats and clothing props where do you get them from?

Hats and clothing props where do you get them from?

I am so glad you asked that, like a busy little Bower Bird I have been collecting and gathering
clothing props l Bird for some time now. Along with creating my own but that is another blog. The
gathering is a continuous and ongoing process like the movie ‘Ben Hur’, but a most blissful
experience as I trundle through many opportunity shops, vintage shops, antique shops and so forth.

Not only is it the collecting of quirky clothing exciting but it is meeting all the wonderful people who
work tirelessly in these often non for profit organizations and especially the aged people who tell me
the most amazing and captivating stories of their incredible youth or life journey. The stories of
their era are just another world to what and how we live today.

For Example I recently purchased these jaw-dropping authentic old vintage 1950s/60s hats, I knew
they would be super cool in a portrait shoot somewhere, I had a vision. Hmm, however I really did
not have a clue how they were to be positioned or worn on the head as this was completely alien to
my generation. So who better to get this information from then my 84 year old Aunt who lives fairly
close by, so I drove down my windy old mountain road to her home for her first hand knowledge on
how one should wear such hats. We had a hilarious afternoon full of laughter over a much too
strong cup of black tea served alongside a slice of ‘Sara Lee’ chocolate cake for me but not for her as
she was on a diet!

Aunty Cyn really loves hair standing strong cups of black tea, I now make my own when visiting!
Then once the milk curdling tea was sorted we went on to discussing how a ‘Lady’
should wear such a hat! My favourite slightly veiled white and almost a steam punk style hat she
dismissed with an abrupt hand gesture as being and I quote “An old Grandmas hat” , and then went
on to exclaim “Much too old for me, my grandmother would wear this to a funeral”, but the
affectionately termed ‘Funeral Hat’ is still my favourite prop hat.

In the photo attached is the infamous ‘Grandma’s funeral hat’ in a portrait shoot of Miss Adana, I
still really love this hat, do you?